The Wellness Coalition conducts and promotes activities that improve health and wellness through coordination, information, disease prevention, and case management. We help people who are diagnosed with (or at risk of) chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, mental illness or heart disease to make healthy lifestyle changes and/or to access health services and community resources. We provide quality, comprehensive, client-directed services.

  • A program for uninsured or underinsured persons diagnosed with chronic diseases; includes referrals to resources, access to no-cost medications, education, and other services.

  • Cervical cancer detection services for women in Montgomery who have no insurance or funds for testing. Women are referred to the program by the Montgomery County Health Department’s Family Planning Clinic.

  • Programs for both the general public and service professionals. Includes ABCD training (diabetes, hypertension, cholestrol and depression), Case Management Summit, Chronic Disease Institute, Community Health Worker training, Living Well Alabama, and Solutions to Wellness.