Board of Directors

Fiscal Year 2013 - 2014
Heather Johnson, Chairperson
(Community Hospital)

Henry Parker, Chairperson-Elect
(Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority)

Ben F. Kelley, Jr., Immediate Past Chairperson
(Baptist Health)

Ashley Lough, Treasurer
(Community-at-Large Representative)

Nancy Hogan, Secretary
(Medical Outreach Ministries)

Michael Briddell
Public Relations/Resource Development Committee Chair
(City of Montgomery)

Mary Weidler
Health Care Access/Wellness Case Management Committee Chair
(Joint Public Charity Hospital Board)

Susan Douglass
(Alabama Department of Public Health, Area 8)

Victoria Jones
(Community-at-Large Representative)

Kara Watts
(Community Care Network)

C. Bernell Mapp
(Health Services, Inc.)

Bob Orrison
(Health Services, Inc. – IT)

Janet McQueen
(Jackson Hospital & Clinic, Inc.)

Molly Stone
(Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless)

Lou Ialacci
(Montgomery County)

Alice Toles, R.N.
(Montgomery County Health Department)

(River Region Healthcare Council)